Thank you, and goodnight Oakland! (you rock)
...and please join us for a party, Friday, March 30th. 6pm-9pm.

It's been 11 years! We feel that's a lot, and now it's time for a change. Thank you, all of you, for getting us through all these days at Tip Top. Now we're retiring to spend time with our family. We truly are. We look forward to doing the sort of adventures we have helped so many of you enjoy, with each other and our daughter Anya. We are still part of the East Bay (cycling) Community and we look forward to seeing you out there.

Tip Top Bike Shop will continue with new, fantastic, everyday bicycling adventures under new guidance. The same awesome everyday rider shop, with a new face.

From David: "I am an east coast native and have spent ten years working at a collectively-owned bicycle shop in Cambridge, Massachusetts. About a year ago, my wife Heather and I -- along with our son Wim (2) and our dog Willoughby (7)-- escaped from the cold and snow and headed for the Bay. I am looking forward to sharing my passion for bicycles with you and continuing to run Tip Top in the way that you have come to know and love. See you Friday! Cheers, David Way."

We invite you to a celebration: our farewell, and hello to David. Please join us this Friday March 30th 6 - 9pm to bid us farewell, and welcome David. We'd truly love to see each and every one of you! Our last day as owners at the shop will be the following day, Saturday, March 31st... But we're still rolling!

End of 2017 Bicycle Sale!
Commuter / Urban Bike
Surly Flat Bar Cross Check (2017) Sizes: 42, 50, was $975 now $725

Kona Big Rove St (2016) Size: 48 was $1200 now $850

Adventure / Road Bike

Felt VR60 (2017) Size: 47 was $900 now $725

Kona Wheelhouse (2017) Sizes: 49, 58, 61 was $1600 now $1200
Felt V85 (2016) Size: 43 was $1500 now $1040
Kona Big Honzo (2017) Sizes: M, L, XL was $1700 now $1350
Kona Sutra LTD (2017) Size: 56 was $2000 now $1600

We have set the sale prices as low as we can go. All bicycles will still receive manufacturers warranty and the Tip Top Bike Shop lifetime free adjustment service. Woo Hoo.

Tune-Up Schedule
Hello folks, if you think you need a tune-up, or any repair you are welcome to bring in your bicycle when we are open so a mechanic can assess the work needed on your bicycle. We are currently booking tune-ups one week out, (early March). Based on the assessment we can either schedule a tune-up for a future date, or if less work is required take in your bicycle as a walk in. We try to take care of basic walk-in repairs any day we are open, again these are on a first come, first served basis. Please call ahead to see if we can take care of basic walk-ins that day. Currently we are typically fully scheduled by 2pm.

New(ish) in our shop Tip Top Bike Shop jerseys. It took me five years, and we're really excited with the result. They are printed by Capo --local company and excellent quality, I gave them a complicated design, and they were the only company to say "OK, no problem." Come in and check them out! They help you to go faster and make climbing hills a breeze...!

Whooo wheee check this out, one of our riders/neighbors/customers/friends Nick Perry made this amazing video for us. Tip Top Bike Shop essence distilled into 2 minutes... fantastic!

Tip Top Bike Shop from Nick Perry on Vimeo.

Directed, shot, and edited by Nick Perry.

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Green Bicycling:

Art Murmur. First Friday every month. Next event is Friday, March 2nd/ Friday, April 6th.
There are many galleries open and art events taking place during each Art Murmur. We have a few great galleries in and around Temescal. It's always a terrific event to ride a bike too!

Temescal Farmers Market. Every Sunday 9am - 1pm
Held at the DMV 5300 Claremont Avenue.
Always a bustling event. Local produce, food and drink, and local artisans. All good, the only part we'd like to see changed is the early start time....we know a lot of people who would like to see it start later and end later. It's Sunday in Temescal afterall!

5th Anniversary.
A few photo's from our fifth anniversary party in April 2012. Yes, five years. It flew by. We celebrated with many good friends, ate some cake, drank a beer or maybe 2, and raised money for Ride for a Reason. A great night was had by all!

A Few of our Favorite Things
Lights --California law reguires a front (white) light visible for 200ft after dark. If you are stopped it is a $75 fine (and we know plenty of people who had to pay up). It is not required to have a rear (red) light but we highly recommend it. Blinky lights make it easier for drivers, pedestrians, and other cyclists to see you and save batteries. Bright clothes and reflectors are no substitute for good lights.
Helmets --California state law requires people under the age of 18 to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle. Adults can make up their own minds, but we have plenty of scare stories. All we can say is that you only have one head.
Locks --We highly recommend U-locks to keep your bike safely locked. Always try to lock your rear wheel and your frame. If you have a quick release on your front wheel, use a cable and hook it through the u-lock. Do not allow bad people to seperate you from your loyal steed.


Who we are

We are a couple of Bay Area immigrants who LOVE Oakland and Bicycles. As people who ride every day, we want to share our enthusiasm and knowledge with people who want to start riding bikes, keep riding, or ride something new. The shop is thoroughly enjoying being open & we look forward to helping more people find the perfect new ride, fix up a loved old ride, or help you find the perfect bicycle accessory. We look forward to meeting you all soon.

Richard & Charlotte.
Need to reach us? Send us an email.

Tip Top Bike Shop, LLC


Reasons Why We Love Bicycles
We're Not just Another Bike Shop

Bicycles are one best examples of human invention.
They can be made using the highest tech construction and materials and/or the most artistic human craftsmanship. They can also be not much more than two wheels connected in line.
Bicycles are easy to make our own. Whether covering your bike in stickers, getting just the right sounding bell, or the exact vintage wheels for your restoration project.
Riding is an easy, joint-friendly, way to build strength and cardio-vascular health for all ages/sizes of people.
And dang, aren't bikes fun! A quiet ride along the water, an eye-watering decent, an adventure in the woods, winning that race to the end of the block beside your friend... this time, or just being able to see and smell the flowers in bloom.
These are a few reasons why we love bikes. We are sad when a bike is too damaged to ride, we are happy when we get a person riding again. We are very happy to ride in the neighborhood everyday; meeting new people and seeing our friends on bikes.

What we have

We have a full range of new bicycles and accessories. Our goal is to provide the best performing, best fitting gear. For now, please checkout the websites of our main suppliers:

Felt bicycles

Kona bicycles

Surly bicycles

Marin bicycles
Brompton folding bicycles
Trek bicycles
Salsa bicycles

Frog Bikes
Yuba complete bikes, Spicy Curry e-bike and accessories
Lazer helmets
Knog Lights

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